5 Of the Best Post Workout Drinks
24 May

5 Of the Best Post Workout Drinks

People who work out on a regular basis want to improve their fitness and see results, and one of the best ways to do just that is by maintaining a balanced diet. When it comes to drinks post-workout, some are definitely better than others. Read on for five of the top drinks to consider after a gruelling day at the gym.


  1. Coconut Water


According to Yahoo, coconut water is often considered the sports drink of Mother Nature. It has less sodium and sugar than typical sports drinks, as well as fewer calories. It also happens to be packed with lots of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium and electrolytes.



It’s important to avoid the flavoured versions of this beverage, though, as they can be packed with sugar and artificial colours or flavours. The more natural the source, the better the quality of the drink. One personal trainer even recommends buying young coconuts from the grocery store, slicing off the top and drinking it from there.


  1. Banana Walnut Smoothie


According to BestHealthMag, researchers have found that consuming a banana during a workout can be as beneficial for the body, energy-wise, as drinking a sports drink. Bananas also provide potassium and antioxidants, among other nutrients, while walnuts are packed with protein and healthy fat.


  1. Green Tea


When consumed without any milk or sugar, green tea provides the body with a long list of nutrients without taking on a single calorie. After an especially strenuous workout, iced green tea can be just the ticket for reviving tired muscles. Not only does this beverage pack a tonne of antioxidants, but researchers have also found that it can help lower bad cholesterol levels as well as reduce the risk of certain cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Chocolate Milk


Though it might be surprising, low-fat chocolate milk can actually be incredibly beneficial for the body after a rigorous workout. Exercise physiologists have touted it as the perfect recovery drink because it provides both protein and carbs. Consumers should try to drink an organic brand, though, as that ensures it won’t contain any antibiotics or growth hormones.


  1. Cherry Juice


Cherries are great at quenching thirst, and they contain lots of antioxidants, as well as potassium and vitamin A. Tart cherries have other health benefits, as well, including the ability to ease soreness, reduce inflammation and improve sleep. Anyone who pushes his or her body practically to its breaking point can definitely benefit from drinking cherry juice after a tough workout; watering it down is never a bad idea, either, to increase its hydration abilities and reduce caloric consumption.


A Healthy Recovery Leads to Better Fitness


When it comes to increasing or maintaining fitness, letting the body recover properly in between workouts is crucial. Replacing electrolytes and getting hydrated should be the two main priorities of anyone who has just completed a rigorous workout, but throwing in some carbs or protein, as well, depending on the workout, can’t hurt, either.


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