31 Oct

6 Tips on Using Social Media for Internet Marketing Newbies

With the kind of tough competition, you’ll have to face as an internet marketing businessperson, it’s important that you are aware of all the techniques available to improve your business and increase your earnings. If you’re an internet marketing newbie, optimizing social media can help you expand your audience and build your internet home business. Social media can be an effective and inexpensive means to establish yourself as long as you know how to use it.

  • How social media works

Social media helps you attain greater exposure to your audience, especially those you have already targeted. Like search engines, social media can help you promote your content and gain better visibility on the internet. Furthermore, it’s not a dead end. Promoting your content to your audience using social media lets your audience pass it on to others, particularly to people who belong to their social network.

  • Using social media in internet marketing

When you’re using the internet for profit, it’s important that you look at tools like social media as a means, not an end. Meaning, these tools will only be as effective as your content is good. Before going ahead and using social media, there are things that should already be in place, including:

  1. your site (should be usable and easy to navigate)
  2. content (should be existing on your site and should offer quality)
  3. your site’s management system (should let you manage content effectively)

Once you have the basics ready, you can begin expanding your reach. Here are ways internet marketing newbies can use social media to their advantage:

  • Choose the right social media

Determine the type of industry or topic you want to be involved in and design your internet marketing efforts around it. Once you know the type of topic you want to engage in, it will be a lot easier to use which social media to choose. Whether you use videos, images, audio, articles or collaborative write-ups, it will be a lot easier for you to find the right kind of platform from which to promote your work.

  • Create relevant content

Quality is, of course, a very important consideration but so is relevance. Your content could be well-researched and well-written but if your visitors don’t find it useful, it will only be ignored.
Create content that’s highly prized by your target audience to encourage them to return to your site, recommend it and link up to it. More importantly, create content that your visitors will find worth distributing to the members of their social network. Keep your content updated.

Content can only be relevant as long as people find it so. Otherwise, it will outlive its usefulness. Do research to find out about changes in your industry or topic. Offer fresh information to keep your visitors interested and encourage them to spread your content.

  • Use more than one social medium if necessary

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one social medium; there are several you can use at one time blogging, podcasting, discussion forums, networking, bookmarking, wikis, etc. Determine which type works best for your internet business and which one you do best.

If you’re uncomfortable with a certain social medium but find that it will be beneficial for your brand of internet marketing, hire someone to do it for you. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity just because you haven’t the time or the talent for it.

  • Direct the traffic to your site

Yes, you still need traffic. How else will you be able to let them know you exist? Use all the tricks of the trade search engine optimization, quality content, link baiting, etc.

  • Build your network

The social media thrives on strong networks. The larger it is and the more quality members it has, the better chances you’ll get. A strong network is extremely beneficial as an internet marketing tool not only because it promotes your internet marketing business to more people, but also because it allows you to gain foothold and influence in a very dynamic market.

Build a quality network. Find out which members produce better contacts or mean more business for you. For an internet marketing newbie, this may sound a little overwhelming but once you’re used to it, you’ll realize how advantageous it can be. Besides, all internet marketers have to start somewhere. Meet people and build friendships through social media. You not only get important information and updates about your business, you also get valuable feedback, which you can use later to improve your site, product, and services.

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