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15 Dec

7 Ways to Follow the Cycles of Nature for a Better Life

  • Everyone needs time to rest.

1- Do you ever collapse into bed exhausted?
2- Read in bed until you pass out?
3- Is it easy for you to get out of bed every morning?
4- Are you energized or groggy when you wake up?
5- Do you lie in bed at night, mind racing a million miles an hour, unable to sleep?

Give yourself some uninterrupted time to let your body regenerate. Your body is resilient however, it will appreciate time to recharge and heal. Listen to your body and soul’s needs.

  • How often do you ignore your needs?

The more you subject yourself to wear and tear, the greater likelihood you will make yourself ill. Don’t wait until disease manifests in your body. Take good care of yourself now.

  • Eat when you need to.

If you deny your body food when it needs fuel, it will splurge later on at the first opportunity it has because you are not supposed to control your body’s natural cycles. This creates a limiting belief of “food scarcity”. If you’re hungry at 3 am, let yourself eat. Don’t make yourself suffer. Create a schedule that is flexible.

  • Have you experienced social engagements overload

If you over-commit to events, parties, and family celebrations, you’ll become resentful. It can feel like an obligation when you don’t give yourself a break. You’d be surprised how much mental energy you are expending at formal events when you’re meeting people for the first time. Take some deep breaths before meeting new people and networking.

  • Keep healthy or you’ll fall behind your goals

Squeezing as much as possible into your day and ignoring exercise and rest will bite you in the behind if you don’t look after yourself. The more tired you get, the more you’ll want caffeine or sweets, the more wired you get.┬áIf you drink alcohol, do you have a cocktail with friends or do you have it to take the edge off a tough day when you get home from work? Making healthy choices will help you stay on track.

  • Create balance in your life

01- Are your relationships and finances in balance?
02- Are your work and social commitments balanced?

Most things in moderation will not harm you. Your intuition will help you know when to take a necessary rest or when you need to motivate yourself to complete your tasks and goals.

  • Nature has her own timing

Nature doesn’t care if you haven’t reached a deadline or a relationship isn’t working. She has her natural laws and when you ignore them, the consequences are your needs many not be met. Get in tune with her.

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