Tierra del Fuego
22 Dec

A Different Approach To A Holiday

There are few reasons to go on holiday other than to rest and re-charge the batteries before another eleven months of hard slog begins. With this in mind, many people look at a holiday with no more a goal than laying around poolside, soaking up the rays and eating and drinking all the things you have deprived yourself of throughout the year.

Nothing wrong with that type of holiday in essence. However, some people like to make the most of a trip abroad, given that the chances of you seeing the outside of your office again for a very long time are quite slim. For that reason, some people like to really find out what another country is all about, whether that mean checking out the culture, learning a little of the lingo, meeting the locals or simply seeing the best of the sights, there is much to be gained from a trip abroad that can be just as relaxing as laying around sunbathing can be.

Take Argentina, for example. Not the first place you would think of going but a treat nonetheless. This country has many beautiful and exciting things to offer that will leave you feeling refreshed and remembering your place in the great scheme of things.

When considering Argentina holidays, consider the time of year you want to go and what exactly you wish to gain from your trip. Holidays don’t have to be easy to be fulfilling. Much can be gained from putting yourself out a little but seeing what the country or the local wildlife is all about – it puts many things in perspective.

The Valdes Peninsula is not the most luxurious of places to visit but the colonies of seals, sea lions, penguins and whales can be seen be venturing no further than the shoreline. This isn’t the most accessible or hospitable place in the world as far as terrain and weather are concerned but it will culminate in one of the most awe-inspiring events in your life.

If a little luxury is still wanted from your Argentina holiday, try The Lake District. This is South America’s very own Switzerland with dramatic lakes and unique landscapes of chocolate box style shops and restaurants. Hiking and biking are abundant around Lake Lacar or visit Neuquen to see the unique dinosaur footprints.

For that truly luxurious stay try Hotel Llao Llao – this is a golf and spa hotel where you can expect the ultimate pampering experience in a setting that screams understated elegance. Simply and tastefully furnished rooms look out over the lakes to a view of snow capped mountains that will simply take your breath away.

To be able to say you have visited the bottom of the world on your Argentina holiday would mean that you had visited Tierra del Fuego – the southernmost city in the world. With spectacular scenery on a trip through the Beagle Channel, you are very likely to see penguins and sea lions. That said, air temperatures are very similar to those of the UK so it’s not like it would be unbearable.

So you see there are many things to be gained from a holiday experience other than drunken clubbing or laying in casualty with sunstroke. A taste of the things that ensure you live life to the full is what makes the difference.

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