Are People Really Making Money Online
06 Jun

Are People Really Making Money Online

There are actual folks earning money daily on the Internet. The key is discovering the “right” opportunity that befits you.


A lot of folks get started in web-based businesses hoping to get rich quick without having to do any work. Many of these same folks fail miserably and blame the business. What they don’t realise is the business didn’t fail, they failed to run the business.


There is no such thing as a ‘gets rich quick without working’ internet venture! If there was such a venture, we’d all be in it and we’d all be rich beyond our wildest dreams! The reality is, as with any other business venture, Internet ventures call for work. A big part of the work is getting the word out about your business. With internet ventures, majority of your time and effort will go towards advertising.


Anybody can be successful with a legitimate Internet venture if they are willing to put in some work.


Here are some basic ideas to help you discover the Internet venture that is right for you:


Start a blog. Blogging can be personally fulfilling as well as lucrative. Top bloggers make money by selling ad space on their blogs. Many bloggers belong to paid to blog communities such as Pay Per Post and ReviewMe. Most bloggers generate revenue by displaying ads through networks like Google Adsense and Kontera.


Sell domain names and web hosting. Many web service companies such as Godaddy offer reseller programs. These programs enable everyday people to start their very own web service company with a minimal investment. With most web service reseller programs, you get your own website and everything is automated.


An internet based travel agency is your ticket to getting a piece of the travel industry pie. YTB offers a referring travel agent opportunity which comes with a professional website where people can search and book travel. It’s an automated system that requires a small investment that practically pays for itself with the right advertising.


Join a drop shipping program and start selling products on Ebay. You can even open your own eBay store on Ebay!


Become a freelance writer. Make money writing press releases, blogs, articles, ebooks, and ad copy. Offer your writing services on freelancer-friendly sites such as Write for sites that pay for content such as AssociatedContent.


There are numerous ways to make an honest living online.

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