Best Applications for Windows 8

A large group of people is using windows 8. You can find out this windows at many places. People choose this, window due to the flexibility and due to being the best version from Microsoft. In this version, Microsoft made several changes. Although the iconic display of windows 8 is really marvellous and that is what attracting the people towards itself. Whenever you are using the windows 8 then it will allow you to get best applications from the windows store. Some of these applications which are necessary for you are as follows:

1.    Steam

If you are a game lover then this will be an application which has been specially designed for you. You can easily come here and find what you want to have for your gaming. You can have access towards latest games which you might not find easily from elsewhere. Also here you can find the modifications for your games which will make it easier for you to play games in a sounding manner. You will find many other things in your library as received on release.

2.    Spotify

There was a time when people search the music from online websites and purchase them. But along with this application, you can easily find out the music of every kind which you need. Even if you want to listen the music of old times that is also available here. You can easily make an account or log in to your Facebook account. It will allow you to listen to the music of your friends choice too. So in all aspects, it will work for you and you will really enjoy the things here.

3.    Virtual Box

On this window, you can also install the virtual box which will be really nice thing to the developers. Because this application will allow you to use the multiple operating systems on your system. You can also install the Linux too. It will be convenient for those who have to work on codes and have to test them on different operating systems. Moreover, if you are learning then also it will be a good thing for you in all aspects.

4.    CCleaner

Whenever you use any operating system, then caches will be your companions for sure. So, here in windows 8 also you will have to face this thing. But there is a good thing for you that you can get rid of them. You can access to CCleaner filehippo windows 8 which will make it easier for you to clean the caches from your system. You can access that from filehippoc in the latest version.

These are some of the applications which can make the usage of windows 8 more friendly for you. You will enjoy using your system along with aforementioned applications. Because working with all of these applications will allow you to find a different look of all the applications. Although these applications are available on the store of windows 8 or else you can search them on the internet. Windows 8 has a wider range of application support.

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