09 Jan

How Vespa Has a Perfect Engine?

Vespa was designed by an Engineer Corradino D’Ascanio. He was the same person who devotedly worked hard and designed the Italian helicopter first time. He was not satisfied with the performance of bikes, therefore, he proposed Vespa. A famous Italian company officially launched the first model of Vespa in 23rd April 1946. Vespa was launched by Piaggio. Piaggio was basically aeronautical company but his project of Vespa was really appreciated. The company sold over 60,000 pieces till 1950. Now Vespa can be found anywhere in the world. Vespa price is also not as much high as compared to other bikes. Moreover, Vespa specifications are sounding and with the engine efficiency, you can evaluate its performance. Have a look below at factors which makes you satisfy about engine performance of Vespa.

Displacement of engine

Engine displacement is known as the capacity of volume an engine can have. The engine consists of the pistons and the movement of pistons from top to bottom is also considered as an important factor. It is specified as the cubic centimetres or CC. Vespa can have 125 cc of engine displacement to a value in your riding.


Torque is an important factor which is considered while we are going to buy any bike. In regard of Vespa, we can find out 10.6 Nm of torque. Torque is known as the turning effect but in a case of Vespa, we take it as, the torque which occurs in every revolution per minute.


The engine is really powerful and efficient. It doesn’t take much time to get the start because it is equipped with CDI ignition, CDI is an abbreviation which stands for capacitor discharge ignition. Therefore, this will make Vespa your first choice.

Engine Type

When we pay a look at the engine type then we find out this as valve cylinder kind. In Vespa 150 it has 3 valves which are based on the aluminium cylinder head. So, you will really get stunned by finding its performance.

These are some factors which influence the choice of a bike. And Vespa has acquired these factors as a must concern. Hope you are going to enjoy your first ride along with Vespa.

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