18 May

Importance of Mannequin Heads

It is amazing that mannequin heads put on the hats, wigs, sunglasses, jewellery and make-up everybody needs, yet many merchants still do not understand their importance. They can be made to be similar to many people types and are almost always built completely to scale. Made from foam, plastic, and vinyl, mannequin heads are most frequently used to model hats. Rather than waste the funds and space to display hats with full-size mannequins, mannequin heads are clearly more ingenious and they can be grouped jointly to display more than a few hats on a small table space. Any sort of mannequin head will do this job better than a full-size mannequin. If a vendor would really similar to show shoppers a lifelike display, they can even order mannequin heads with colour and hair.

This is a precise copy of a 1930s department store display broken that was moulded directly from a classic model. This model has a physically powerful 30s period look that is both superior and mystic, what a beauty and was definitely sculpt in the similarity of Jean Harlow right down to the cleft in her chin! This lady is 14 1/2 in height and has a forehead circumference of approximately 21.

The main purpose of Deco eyes is to copy a historically accurate hat and jewellery shop display mannequin true to the golden era of mannequin construction. We work very hard to generate a model that closely resembles a new, mint-in-the-box unique display from this era. “Old School” techniques are utilised and no compromises are accepted solely for the reason of reducing stuff costs or saving the time of effort.

Our models are cast in the best USA manufactured resins accessible. Each is cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted in our shop. We have made changes over the years and each change was made to get better our product and never to save cash or time.

The unbelievable innovative classic models were originally produced for the use of store displays and were never intended for public utilisation. The originals show the marks of handwork and ours convey the same hand-made “flaws”, they are not perfect, each is totally hand-made and displays “old school” techniques.

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