Mutton Dopyaza
14 Sep

Mutton – The Most Love-able Non-Veg Dish All Over The World!

Mutton is a word which has the capability to make you salivate instantly. Every non-vegetarian loves to eat mutton as the aroma of mutton is very hard to ignore. The tender, flavoursome, and sensational taste of the mutton will surely make you lick your fingers. Mutton needs to be cooked in proper heat and adequate time for the best results. It is equally eaten all over the world, and there are some famous mutton dishes like from American Hamburgers to classic Indian lamb curries. Muttons have been serving the Indian Royal Kitchens from ancient times as Mughals used to love muttons.

In India, the combination of mutton with high spice is worth to eat. Spices include cloves. Cardamom, coriander powder, and mace are frequently used to enhance the flavour of the mutton recipes such as mutton do pyaza recipe. Mutton cooking includes marination (a mix of species) and Yogurt is considered as the best one. There are many dishes in the world which each dish offers a unique and a completely different taste from others. Some of the dishes which you must surely try are:

  • Mutton Dalma: A special mutton dish from Orissa is worth trying. In this dish, the mutton is cooked with pulses called Dal in India. This unique dish is a delicious recipe.
  • Soaji Mutton Curry: it is a staple food in the local kitchens of Maharashtra. Other than mutton, coconut is the main ingredient. This is a great dish for spicy food lovers as this recipe includes a lot of spices even Garam Masala.
  • Mutton Do Pyaza: As the name states, the dish is full of chopped onion. It is a mouthwatering dish in which meat pieces are cooked in Ghee with Cauliflower and lots of spices to add the flavour. Learn how to make mutton do pyaza very easily in just a few steps.
  • Parsi Mutton Cutlets: A delicious mutton snack which can be made so quickly and very easy to make. The crispy covering from outside with unbelievable softness inside makes this dish into an amazing dish. The filling is done with potatoes and herbs.
  • RajasthaniLaal Maas: This fiery meat curry with full of spice has been originated from the state of Rajasthan. Laal means red, and desi red chillies bring the redness in the dish. Mutton is cooked in pure mustard oil, and local acrid spices make it a special dish.
  • Dhabe Da Keema: This is semi dry dish which is accompanied by bread or pav. It contains a lot of chopped vegetables like tomato, onions and a topping of different masalas. It can also be eaten along with roti.
  • Badami Lamb Korma: the dish rich in buttery taste as it contains many dairy products like cream and yoghurt. Badam word refers to Almond, and this dish is full of dry fruits such as almonds and cashews.
  • Rogan Josh: this is a delicious dish originated from the top of the India, Kashmir. The meat is cooked with chopped brown onions, spices, and yoghurt. Kashmiri red chillies add the acrid flavour as well as the bright red colour to the dish.
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