X-Ray Recycling
27 Sep

Safe and Secure X-Ray Recycling from a Capable Company

When it comes to something as sensitive as patient records, it’s important that the items are effectively destroyed, even if you are disposing of the records years after the x-ray.

Anybody that takes x-rays, for whatever reason, can send them off to be disposed of, and your x-ray recycling companies handle clients from all of the following industries.

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Chiropractic
  • Veterinary
  • Engineering

As recycling experts with professional equipment and facilities, they can guarantee the secure destruction of x-rays of varying quantities, as well as those that come at regular intervals.

Ensuring Patient Confidentiality

For the best results, you would want to work with somebody who has experience handling sensitive information. Expert x-ray film recycling in Kidderminster recognizes the importance of both patient and client confidentiality, so you never have to worry about information being lost, stolen, or salvaged.

What Happens to the X-Rays

You can find recycling companies that strive for environmentally-friendly disposal methods. All material will be thoroughly shredded, and most often, the x-rays that you have destroyed can be converted into the following:

  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Silver
  • Reusable commodities

When you are working with a reputable company, you can trust in the process, while knowing that your x-rays are being handled responsibly. For added convenience, you can arrange for a collection service, and your recyclers will visit your property to collect the waste.

Upon completion, you can request a certificate of destruction for added peace of mind, and these are typically free of charge.

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