Best Shots of Baby
26 Jun

Take the best shots of your baby

Baby photo shoots are very common these days. Parents want to have a series of moments captured of their baby so that they can always look back at them and make their munchkin look at it when they are all grown up and make them realize how their childhood looked like.

Newborn photography Gurgaon is not easy as taking photos of a toddler or a newborn is the most difficult thing as you cannot prompt them to pose. No matter whether you are shooting your baby on your own or hire a professional for this job, there are certain strict things which you need to follow.

  • If these rules are followed, then you can have a nice photo shoot with your baby at the end of the day. Professionals do have certain ideas but if you are taking the role of the photographer and you are amateur at shoots then these tips can be very useful and act as a guideline for you.
  • Do not use the flash of the camera while you are taking photos of your baby. They have very sensitive skin and eyes. If you use artificial light, then it can harm them big time. They may not like it and start crying immediately. Try to do most of the shoots in natural light. Make the most of the natural light and it is always good for taking pictures and you can also try with low lights. They are good for your baby’s eyes and if you focus on them with soft lights then it will give a shadowless image. This is perfect if you want to take candid pictures of your baby. Go for plain or white background while clicking.
  • If you are doing it for the first time, then learn your camera first and then go for the photo shoot. There are many options and you can easily choose the automatic mode to take pictures which will definitely make your shoot easier but you will not get the best shots. To get more creative shots, you have to go to the manual mode and know your camera well. Learn how to turn the flash off as this is the most important thing to do when you are shooting a baby. Know how to change the aperture settings as well. This is because if you want to get a soft blurry background, then this will help. Professional baby photographer Gurgaon knows well how to play with the aperture settings.
  • Try to get as many candid shots of your baby. When you click and your baby is not conscious of that fact, that will get you the most beautiful shots. You have to be very patient with children. They are not always in the right mood to pose or smile. You have to wait for the right time. This is because genuine smiles look best in a photo.
  • Try to do less outdoor shoots with them. If it is mandatory then do it in the afternoons when the sun rays are a bit mild and it will not harm your baby. Do not take them out in the glaring sun.

Baby portfolios in Gurgaon are done with the help of expert photographers. Document all the memories so that you can make them a part of your life.

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