27 Jun

The Importance of Yoga During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a mother to seek ways to keep herself and the baby healthy. That form of seeking has led me to the world of yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter 15 years ago. I will never forget that journey as it gave me a different aspect to my overall health. Ever since my yoga teacher presented me with a yoga video, it was that time I asked her to take me for prenatal yoga Gurgaon. You should always talk to your doctor before you undertake any form of exercise and all the more so if you are new to the world of exercise.

What is the importance of yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga creates a connection between the outside world to within which is where you need to be focused on the child. It helps you to tune yourself to the needs of the growing child. Postures can help endurance and bring a sense of calm and peace of mind. This is all necessary for birthing as well as tending to the needs of a baby.

Yoga does mean union, so it is a good idea to create within that self and the being that is sharing with your body at that point of time.

Why enroll yourself for prenatal classes in Gurgaon?

Squats and lunges are the best positions to be in, as it creates a shorter birth canal. Backbends help you to pre-stretch and eradicate the chances of stretch marks. The hip openers create the flexibility or the openness, ever needed for the growing or the expanding downward focal point. Inversions will help you with circulation and gravity. The feet are the map of the body, as it is good for the body because it doubles in blood. Alignment or structure is good, to support the tendency to become over flexible. As a safety measure, you will not want to undertake any abdominal twists. What form of prenatal yoga you are planning to undertake it is suggested that you take the expert advice of a health service provider.

There is the certain form of yoga poses which is recommended during the course of pregnancy.

  • Kegels should be done during and after pregnancy, as it will tighten the pelvic floor and then lift it upward
  • Udiyana Banda- the lock and the belly lift. It is one of the best yoga forms to support yoga contraction. You need to draw the belly back and this is never to the point of pain but just enough to place it near the place where you will begin to tone.
  • You can also try exercises with the child like lifting your baby to the sky to support arm strength.

If you are planning to incorporate yoga into your life, then my advice would be to start today itself. When pregnant it is all about doing something which you are already doing, but a little less. So if you have never been part of any exercise or done yoga, the prenatal practice will now mellow. I was pregnant with my first child and going through a lot of unique discoveries. Your child is always bound to be your priority. When you give your child the love or nourishment which they need you are always bound to reap the rewards

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